Thursday, September 16, 2010

Molly Norris becomes a non-person, thanks to Muslim terrorists and their good friends in US government and media

Molly Norris, a cartoonist who drew fairly harmless and inoffensive cartoons in a local weekly paper, had her life destroyed because of idol-worshiping psychopaths bent on honoring their false God--The Prophet Mohammed (may piss be upon him)--with the blood of innocents.

Molly Norris never drew The Prophet Mohammed (may piss be upon him), nor did she create "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Yet "Muslim holy men" have called for her head, the murderous idolaters who follow them are willing to follow their order, and the government of the United States of America is unwilling to do anything to protect one of their own citizens who has committed no crime whatsoever. In fact, the United States of America, through our state department, seems to be doing everything it can to validate the twisted and evil beliefs of Mohammadans around the globe. How else can you explain the apologetic stance taken over "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" and the official "great job, guys!" that was sent to Pakistan when they blocked web access to their nation around May 20, 2010?

The sick freaks who claim to be Muslims, and who honor The Prophet Mohammed (may piss be upon him) above even Allah himself, have destroyed Molly Norris. They have silenced her, completely and utterly. They might as well have killed her. And all the magazine that used to print her cartoon has to say about it is "we wish her the best."

You can read what will probably be one of the very few acknowledgement of complete and utter capitulation by the American media to terrorists, as Seattle Weekly editor Mark D. Fefer offers good-byes and so-longs to one of their victims.

I'd be surprised if any other media outlet even has that much to say, because they are too busy making excuses and offering justifications for the terrorists. And because they believe that if they bow to the terrorists, they will make them go away... like Fefer, they suffer under the delusion that appeasement will do anything but spur the madmen on.

If I had enough cartoons, EVERY DAY would be "Draw Mohammed Day" from here on in. This can't be allowed to happen. It shouldn't be allowed to happen to anyone, especially someone who didn't even DRAW the syphilitic pedophile known as The Prophet Mohammed (may piss be upon him).